Facepunch Screenshot Challenge: Hand-to-hand combat



** Hand-to-hand combat/melee

this includes knives, fists, and other small weapons. No swords though, because at that point you’re not really using your body enough.


You must read the following if you wish to 


What is expected of your entry:

[ul]Must have had a fair amount of time put into it: No 5-minute “funny” entries. Put some serious effort into your entry.

[li]Screenshot must be entirely your work: It must also have been created after the competition started.[/li]
[li]Editing should be mostly your work: Photo-based edits are completely fine, but it’s preferable you try to hand-paint most of your editing.[/ul][/li]

Final submission posts must at least consist of:

[list]The screenshot: in media or image tags, nothing wider than 1680, please. The screenshot must also be a JPG unless it has transparency!

[li] A note saying that it is your final submission: Else it can’t be accepted![/li]



Next Saturday



[li]A dude getting his neck broken from behind.[/li][li]A dude getting his neck broken from the front.[/li][li]A dude getting tackled.[/li]
[li] Example entry:[/li]



Let’s not clutter up the forum by creating a new thread for each WIP, keep your WIPs in this thread![/list]

I’m in…I guess.

Oh god, I’m going to get slaughtered :ohdear:

Im in this, for sure, but could you give like an exact time? like in hours? because I bet that we have different time zones.

Also, this post will be edited soon with pic’s WIP.



My firt entry.

I’m going stick up a contribution later

Fuck yes!

Been done before, but thats coo’ cuz the “hand to hand” was a good one

Let’s just say that it ends 22 hours from now.


That’s hardly any time at all

well you’re wasting more time by complaining about it

Tomorrow 7am’ish it will be done

Don’t think this counts but I’m gonna post anyway.


Oh boy. What should I do…

H2H combat…


It’s more time than I’ve ever spent on a pose.

Cool. I will get to work now.


Holy crap I want in on this!

Can you clarify this a bit more? Edit: Nevermind, saw the time. Getting started now.


I wasn’t gonna enter, I just mean more along the lines of if someone isn’t on this site, like sleeping, then has work and then get’s back, and sees this… They might not have time

My bloody GMod crashed :argh:


:sigh: Oh well.

But you made that picture before the contest…