Facepunch seatle 2 server isn't updated

The seattle server still isn’t updated i would just like to know when it would be updated.

why wont they just update the damn server

Damn, any ETA’s on update?

just like when the server was down for a week they never reply

Here’s how Facepunch will handle this: Zero comment or response in regards to servers offline every wipe, servers that don’t go live within a few hours of the others usually come back the next day around 8am est. Don’t expect a serious explanation from anyone outside of this.

Update: server is still down but roughly 8 players are still able to get on and play around.

Are these server’s that Facepunch have free? If so then no biggie but if they’re wasting money on this bullshit…

FYI the server didn’t update so if you’re able to get your hands on an old client you can get on.