Facepunch Seattle Hackers

So, I’ve reported @rusthackreport many times on the players hacking with ESP, Speedhack & Aimbot on Facepunch Seattle… Can Facepunch please take the time and focus on Seattle to ban these guys.

they will get to each case in order; why should your report be more important than anyone elses?

The fastest response i’ve ever seen from me reporting a hacker is like 5 minutes twice. Other times it took longer. Also it depends on what kind of hacking they are doing. Unfortunately aimbot hackers aren’t easy to get banned. Same goes for speedhacking. Teleporters and flyers are usually banned quickly though.

Based on what people have reported, they don’t follow up on every report sent to that tweet. People tweet the hacker, and the hacker keeps hacking for a week or two after being reported.

You can’t really assume they actually look in to every person reported on twitter. People get busy at work and don’t finish everything they should do.

Of course this is bad, and they should follow up on every report, but they don’t.