Facepunch Seattle (USA) Server Buildings Capped? Wipe Soon!?

The server has reached its limit for buildings. Is there a way for it to be wiped soon? Either that or increase the decay on unused structures? A major portion of the game is currently unplayable.

Server IP

The official servers are for testing, and that likely includes testing how decay’s working and how server performance at the limit goes. Maybe they’ll tweak decay rates, but I’m not sure a wipe is going to happen immediately. I’m not a dev, of course, so I don’t know for sure.

There’s a cap?

How can you tell? It doesn’t let you build anything anywhere?

There used to be a cap of 65,535 colliders under Unity 4, and legacy has a collider bunching system that groups up walls to save on colliders but having to do this at all is clumsy.

Unity 5 was supposed to not have any cap at all, but it turns out that the current version of PhysX supported in Unity 5 has an undocumented cap of ~250k colliders, which is a primary reason for why decay is back. Unity don’t seem to be interested in updating to the latest version of PhysX, which fixes this hidden cap, anytime soon. The server will eventually run out of colliders, and when that happens, nobody can build until a physics-capable object somewhere is destroyed/despawned.

Do blocks outside cupboard radius decay faster? Cause if not they should.

This happened a few days before the last wipe. I believe what they did was crank up the decay rate so foundations were decaying at about 10-20 points every 15 minutes or so. made for a fun couple of days finding people’s bases who hadn’t played in a few days foundation less.

Something that would help this though would be having structures fall down when the foundation is destroyed. So many floating houses.