Facepunch Seattle will die if the mods never do anything

I’m getting really sick and tired of the DDOS and aimbot attacks that happen just about continuously throughout the day on this server, which are both completely preventable.
I was playing quite a bit this weekend, for most of the day in fact, and 2 people were publicly telling (one being a guy named “sprain” but using some weird symbol for the ‘n’), almost bragging to other players to prepare for the Low Orbit Ion Cannon attack they were about to make against the server and, lo and behold, the server would time out for me and everyone else on the server. These attacks were manageable, because everyone would get booted, and I wouldn’t lose all of my stuff being carried.
The most annoying thing, though, is the abuse of these aimbot programs. Two players on the server (‘Hello Bitch’ and ‘Ding0’) were constantly running around the server, shooting everyone in the face in a single shot. At least 20 people on Monday were complaining about Ding0’s aimbot, as there is literally nothing you can do about being shot in the face from a mile away.
In my entire span of playing, I saw a moderator get on once, for less than 30 minutes, on Monday. No wonder this crap keeps happening, there doesn’t seem to be any active moderators on the server.

I know it’s in development, I know it’s “part of the game” to lose your stuff and rebuild when you’re taken over, and I know I’m not supposed to complain about hackers, but come on, can we at least get an active mod, or a few players who are on often, to actually moderate the server (mute/kick) so people who are hacking or whatever don’t completely fuck the entire server up? (that would literally fix the entire hacking problem) Because hell, I know if this shitty behavior from the hackers continues my clan and I are going to find another game to spend our time on.

Recently picked up RUST, loving the game so far.

The only problem is that Seattle server is constantly going down, is it always like that?

I heard that downtime is mainly due to DDoS… are there any servers out there that can handle simple $10 booters?

We’re living in 2015, it’s not hard to find an affordable hosting with DDoS mitigation instead of 6-12 hours nullroute.

If it’s not DDoS then WTF facepunch?! Get your shit together.

At least post some status updates, this is extremely frustrating.

Wonderful, got a ‘dumb’ post from an admin, with no information, suggestions, reassurance, or even a complaint against the post style. Thanks for the help trollmod.

Seriously, there are simple methods to prevent DDOS attacks, especially for communities like Facepunch.

I’m pretty sure facepunch is probably the most DDOSed community out there, you guys don’t realize that there isn’t much you can’t do against them.

Also, stop playing on official servers, like seriously, that’s where everyone that wants to fuck around joins.

Right off the bat, I’m not defending the sorry state of official servers. It sucks that they’re this bad and little to nothing is being overtly done to fix the problems. I do sympathize with your plight. I’ve played on official servers, and it’s a cesspool of hackers. That’s why I don’t play there any more.

That said, with all the community servers out there that have active admins, it just boggles my mind that people get so bent out of shape over the state of official servers yet refuse to move to a community server. You’re given literally thousands of options, yet you willingly stick with the shitty ones instead. That’s kind of like staying with a woman who admittedly cheats on your repeatedly hoping that she’ll change when there’s a bevy of other loyal, more attractive and all around better women out there vying for your attention.

Statements like “I know if this shitty behavior from the hackers continues my clan and I are going to find another game to spend our time on.” are pretty common when dealing with this issue, but also downright retarded. That’s like curing the disease by killing the patient. You don’t have to stop playing Rust at all. You just have to find a good community server. And with all the servers out there, that’s not very hard!

Did you just make two accounts to complain

You’re wrong, facepunch is very far from the most DDOSed community out there.

There are MANY ways to fight DDoS attacks. You have no clue how cheap the mitigation can be. You can easily put 3-4(or even more?) instances of RUST servers on 1 dedi. We’re living in 2015, just gotta lurk more.

Here is the sad truth: most of your ‘unstoppable DDoS attacks’ that put your favorite servers down come from cheap DNS server amp $5 booters that generally spam for 30-300 seconds, some hosts like to ‘mitigate the attack’ by null-route (blocking all incoming IP traffic for 6 - 12hrs on average to protect their infrastructure).

Botnets don’t touch Facepunch, kids with their moms credit card do.

No, I didn’t. Did you make your post to be helpful?
Probably the same answer as me.

If you, a mod, actually did your research, from the website you moderate, you’d find that our account details are completely different and we created our accounts quite a time apart.
Why does it seem like all of you are so completely useless and rude?

Why does it seem like you came onto the forums accusing people of being useless moderators without knowing what you’re talking about?

lol, Arc Nova isn’t a moderator. :v:

Moderators have green names. Gold Members are basically normal users with larger avatars and access to a few subforums that don’t matter.

And, if you know you’re not supposed to complain about hackers, why did you make a thread explicitly to complain about hackers? And what do you expect the devs to do about DDOS attacks? Drive to the perps’ houses and break their wrists? Do you think it’s as easy as sticking CloudFlare in front of a game server?

I think it’s time Facepunch stops pretending they have “official” servers.

If they aren’t officially monitored, officially checked, or officially administrated - then what, exactly, makes them “official?”

they’re run by facepunch and not some random schmuck

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more like officially bad servers right guys?

They are official because Facepunch owns them perhaps.

Do you have any idea what happens in server administration?

Oh, and Ding0 is a well known cheat. He also plays on The Rusty Spittoon. They like to taunt people and bet that nobody can beat them.

Nobody cares, read the sticky.

It’s kind of irrelevant.

When an organization has a product that they back with their name, they typically make sure their product is of the highest possible quality because their reputation is on the line. You don’t typically slap a company name that you’re proud of on a pile of garbage.

When your “official” product is known to be among the very worst, and 3rd party products (ie, Rustified, etc) are known to be of higher quality - then you need to rethink what you mean to suggest by the term “official.”

I moderated game servers and web forums (even a BBS) some years ago.

Re-read this until you gain enlightenment, and then ask yourself if you are expecting too much to expect GM’d servers in alpha. The official servers exist for gathering testing data, and that includes hackers and exploiters.

If you don’t like it, move to a community server or Rustafied and I’m not accepting a “no” because that means you’re being unreasonable.

Your expectations are actually too high.

and when you throw that sort of experience onto thousands of thousands of players every day your entire post becomes pretty irrelevant

but you should also understand theres a lot more to hosting a server at least at this level where facepunch is at

you gotta have a NOC tech that will look at all of the traffic routing, make sure the servers are performing as expected, there’s a lot more that you don’t really get unless one of the staff tells you exactly whats going on

also facepunch’s official servers could be hosted somewhere else on top of someone else’s server hosting company next door to a 3rd party/modded server in said server hosting companies’ rack

there is a lot more to what the server staff at facepunch have to do

quit bashing them

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also as elix says the game is early access
expect shit to be broken and servers not to perform as expected

you bought into rust knowing this

I don’t give two shits if it’s alpha or omega.

I won’t put my name on something that doesn’t work. But I guess that’s just me.

Other Rust servers seem to do just fine managing hackers, DDoS attacks, and the like. So I don’t buy that as an excuse. But I do understand the struggles of a pre-launch or in-development product.