Facepunch Servers?

A stupid question… is there a thread with list of Facepunch Studios servers? I’m positive I’ve seen some [FP] TF2 servers for example. So I’m curious if FP hosts any GMOD servers such as TTT mod. Tried to find relative thread, no luck.

I’d use search function but for some retarded reason I don’t have permission to use it.

Have you tried using Google’s site specific search function?

>implying that works as well

>this isn’t 4chan

>You’re turning it into a federal case

are you sure the [FP] stands for facepunch

there’s communities like Friendly Players gaming that uses that tag

Wait, my spray is That Cat, if I used it in a Facepunch server, would I get banned?

**Hi I have been hosting server for about 2 years and by far the best cheapest host is www.ByaServers.co.uk they are very reliable they are very friendly always have time to help you get everything Fastdl , mod installer , map installer cfg editor, custom command line i get ping 4 - 17 they are very good and very quick set up within like 3 - 8 mins i have no problems for a whole year pf getting hosted by them they are great you should try them out. **

Could be, I’m familiar with Friendly Players as well. But I did play on Facepunch TF2 server for sure, remember even made a video about crazy things that was happening there. Sadly video is lost now.

So, does Facepunch hosts any GMOD servers?

I think someone used to host server for Facepunch but I remember seeing some kind of post regarding the end of that. I’m quite sure there aren’t any official Facepunch servers.

Sad… Very sad.

I could host a FacePunch server if people played on it.

I’d be down for playing some garry’smod. Where would the server be hosted from, .338Lapua?