Facepunch Singapore servers

The SG and SG 2 servers have been gone for almost a day.

any idea what happened to them?

will they merge them so we can have a larger server 100 ++ ?

yep its been more then 24 hrs

anybody got any idea what is happening ?

I sure don’t. If Singapore 2 doesn’t come back up, how am I going to get revenge for your little raid a few days back, Kzstar?


Double Thread

Facepunch: Singapore 1, Singapore 2 Texas 4 and one of the Amsterdam servers are down. I calculate 10% of your players cannot access the game on their servers. Don’t you think a simple, one line message about the status would help put your customers at ease? What’s going on?

This. Seriously FP.

Come on FP! Server is still down, even after the wipe! Please fix!!

Way to go facepunch. Don’t have 2 mins to tell us why the servers are down and are they ever going to come back :slight_smile: ? :goodjob:

Still down with no explanation. Hello?

Guys, these are facepunch servers. since when do you expect any quality from those servers ? most of clans use hacks, and live inside rock anyway. just join a community server where the admin isnt a cheater, those servers exist. At least community servers got admin to reset the server when its down.

FP Ireland is also down