Facepunch Street Fighter Models W.I.P Thread

Noticed that there are a few Street Fighter character models in the website, such as mrwhitefolks’ Cammy model, roland714’s M. Bison Model and Zangief Model, and PSS Gamer’s Beta Chun-Li Model.

I have yet to learn how to rig and hex models to garrysmod, but I do have some of the files to Street Fighter IV and will try to obtain the extra models from my friends who own Super Street Fighter IV. I will try to upload the files later and if anyone is interested I feel it would be a fun and useful project to the facepunch community.

Holy fuck stop making threads with “Facepunch ******** WIP Thread”

I constantly get confused with the 6 other threads and keep accidentally clicking on them. Very frustrating. :frown:

Here are the character models from my local files.