Facepunch Texas down for 30 hours.

Texas has been down for 30 hours with not 1 peep facepunch acknowledging there is a problem or that a fix is on the way. This game is becoming comical.

Still understanding that this game is an “early access” I gotta say the support/development of this game is a complete joke.



Spamming the shit out of the forum like 12-year-olds will not help anything at fucking all.

And neither will this:

Am I supposed to want to do you any favours when you act like that?

P.S. I’m not a forum moderator or a Rust developer.

P.P.S. This isn’t Reddit, post ratings aren’t “downvotes” and don’t affect the visibility of a thread whatsoever.

Well maybe if we heard something. ANYTHING, from someone acknowledging that they know of a problem we wouldn’t have to do this. As it stands a game we paid money to play has silent devs and sporadic at best updates on situations like this.

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Being a fanboy “like a 12 year old” and supporting a broken product does “not help anything at fucking all.”

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