Facepunch Texas Server Still down.

Any idea on when it might be back up?

^^ i posted about it forever ago and no response, seems they dont like to keep people in the loop :frowning:

Why is it always this server that is down. The other servers don’t seem to have this issue?

Gunzie, my old friend! I don’t know, but it makes me sad. Hopefully it’s not down as long as it was a couple weeks ago.

oh Amberly! I do apologize about your house and all but you were not very friendly neighbors :confused:

What’s your in game name beera? What house?

[BH] LordBeera, you had some not so nice roommates that were shooting at us and when we came to talk you were to busy on skype to talk to us :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

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it was a bit of an annoying build to pick through but there were a lot of backwards walls that made it easier, you need to be careful of that when building :slight_smile:

Oh I got ya. No hard feelings. At least, none from me. Yeah, we talk in skype, makes it hard to hear in-game chat.

lol no worries, i use TS3 as it uses less system resources and leaves more for the game lol

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if you ever need some strong allies just call for us, i personally have nothing against you but your room mates on the other hand i was not impressed with being we had left you guys in peace for that long only to get shot at lol

Thank you.

your welcome, god damn it that is if the server ever comes back

I dont know why but Texas I is always crashing etc. Community servers are more reliable than official servers…

Is this news to you?

BH - Hope you guys know how to swim. BLUB Blub blub ZZZzz…

OMG!!! A groundbreaking discovery that no one else has ever noticed before!