Facepunch Texas (USA) - Dev - PVE: Offline for 20 Hours!

It went down yesterday for the update without giving the usual 60 second warning, and has never come back up since. I know there have been issues with other servers (Amsterdam/Dev - Toronto/Seattle) but they seem to be up at least part of the time now.

Could we get some feedback on whats going on, and if/when we can expect Texas Dev PVE back up?

Hello -H-,

I was worrying that myself yesterday when I checked for the server’s statues. I have have heard about the other servers having some difficulties as well and I thought the same issues could be appearing on this particular server as well. I do hope it comes online soon and I look forward to some of the changes I have been hearing about and discussing with some of my companions that play this game as well, both on the servers and other official servers. Being PVE, I was discussing some of the issues this server has been dealing with and reading the complaints many players have brought to the attention of the developers. One, of course, being the excessive abuse of explosives and harassing the server has been enduring these past couple weeks. From what I gathered, the developers are working on removing the explosives from the game. I am not 100% certain that if they plan on removing the items from the game itself or create a format where the explosives cannot be used to harass players anymore. I understand a decision like this is a huge one and will play an important part in this server. I was a bit puzzled when I found out and I asked several others about this change and if it would be possible to happen so suddenly without notice. I did end up talking to a small admin about this, along with some other people. It would explain a lot this long wait we are currently enduring, let’s hope for the best.

I’m also curious about the status of official PVE servers, with “Facepunch Texas (USA) - Dev - PVE” in particular as I had a dude that had many items learned. This was a “Dev” server and I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I hope the progress I put into the game so far wasn’t completely lost (at least learned blueprints). My fiance and I have been having great fun on this server and hope it comes back. Can we get an update on the status please?!

EDIT: I actually enjoy the fact explosives and such exist on the server. I feel like some rules need tweaking to make self defense more possible. In my opinion, if someone breaks into your home you should be able to defend it without taking damage. If someone starts to damage you, it should not hurt you (as much?) to fight back… this sort of thing.

Survival is what this game is about. It’s no fun to be completely safe.