Facepunch Texas (USA) - Dev - PVE

Please bring this server back.

It was fun playing on a server where killing on sight was nearly impossible, but raids still were. Sure you couldn’t really defend your place if it got blown up, but you could retaliate by blowing their stuff up. It was a fun community. True pve doesn’t present any challenges and I’m too gullible for PVP.

I know there’s quite a few people who enjoyed playing in this type of environment. I’m not alone here. I know I’ll get a bunch of flak for enjoying this type of server, but I really did. It was fun to be in an environment where we could test out new additions in the game without being shot by some squeaking little kid. Having to worry a little bit about coming back to your house in pieces was fun. Especially heckling a guy who’s shooting my ‘castle’ with rockets. Maybe you just had to have played it to understand.

I understand if it was taken down for development reasons and its not like i’ll stop playing the game all together, but I really enjoyed it and would love to see the server back up. Apparently its been down for nearly 3 weeks.

Thanks for any response!


The week before they took down the PVE server, they changed the rules of PVE to make raiding impossible. This caused server pop to immediately nosedive. It went from ~60-75 people on at any given time to like 20. I’m not sure if they looked at the low server pop and decided it wasn’t worth keeping up or what. If that’s the case, it’d be pretty sad because it’s a problem they caused.

I really really liked the Dev PVE server. We had a great community there. I had hoped that the Dev PVE players would migrate to one of the unofficial PVE servers but all of those have additional stupid mods/rules and so the PVE playerbase spread/vanished.

Ah i see. A bit more clarity. Well, shame.

I guess it was just an unintentional hybrid game mode that a select few will be able to get nostalgic over. Its really a bummer because it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a game. Maybe someone will start a server with similar rules. If I find such a thing, I’ll be quick to post it here so we can all re-unite.