FacePunch Toronto DISCONNECTED : Wrong Connection Protocol

Any info about it from DEVL ?
I DL the update, i can join other server, but i get this error when trying to join Facepunch Toronto.
I know it might be that the server isn’t updated yet. Any reason? approximative time for updating?

DISCONNECTED : Wrong Connection Protocol

The server isn’t updated yet.

Official Toronto is always the last to come up.

Such a terrible server.

Yes, this really sucks. Update night and cannot play. Pretty crappy. I keep saying that I am going to switch servers…

if you use your old rust files, you might be able to still join it. We did that last week. our server hasent update for 7 days because the previous update ( july 9) didnt triggered the autoupdate from servers.

We simply copy pasted the Rust folder from our friend who didnt update. and then launched Rust.exe directly.

I know there is a way to still run the old version and run it through steam, i managed to did it yesterday, but its hard to reproduce. its hard to launch an old version of rust through steam without steam to force you to update the game. buts its doable.

It would be really great if I could play now.

Yea, I think if this happens again for the next patch, I will be officially moving official servers. Going to be pissed if its not up tomorrow morning. Pretty shoddy for an official server to be down that long.

if people only play on this server, then just don’t update Rust when a new patch is released.
If playing on several servers, well then I suggest sticking to server(s) that do update on patch day.

Its next morning, and this server is not updated. Time to move servers.

Guys. Learn a lesson. Never play on a official server again.