Facepunch TV ( Need help with content and suggestions)

Hi all

I recentley discovered a site called livestream which lets you create your own internet based TV channels and allows for broadcast of live content and premade content. I have been using it for a while and was struck with a possibility. I could make a channel based around the facepunch community. I could allow people to broadcast there Garrys mod machinima, there games and movie reviews and other shows like a live talk show hosted in garrys mod or something. Thsi is where I need your help…

Im looking for people that might be intrested in there content appearing on Facepunch TV or for you to tell me wether it is a good idea to make the channel or not. Please reply if you are intrested in contributing to the project or if you just have soemthing to say.


EDIT: This won’t cost anyone a penny and I now have a template channel XD
it will have a logo and shizz soon :smiley:

Sounds different

Sounds like a fun Idea, yet if you want stuff that are not gmod (general suggestions lets say) I think the general forums would be a good place to ask suggestions.
Will we also have TvAds for stuff? Like A gmod tv ad?

That’s a possibility, That could also be implimented nicley if someone wanted to advertise like Gmod servers and similar services. Another great thing about the channel is that it loops content throughout the day so It won’t have to be constantly maintained. I just created the channel itself and now I need content, logos and all other things. I really want this to be something the community can share as a whole. If you know anyone looking to find a place (Other than youtube) to upload there content. Please show them this thread.

Thanks :smiley:

how about some events, where you stream from a server where a couple of experienced posers pose or build together and viewers from the stream give some suggestions or tips

Thats actually an awsome idea. I can stream from inside the game so that woudn’t be an impossible feat. I also have drafted a few ideas for shows.

. GMOD Shorts ( People’s short Gmod movies)
. Review’s
. Gameshow ( I saw a gamemode which once took place on a server where people participated live)
. Community advertisments ( People can advertise there servers)
. An art gallery ( Screenshots and such)

I need some more ideas as you can tell. But if you have anything you want to contribute please PM me :slight_smile:

I fucking love your grammar.

I can’t read it, that’s how fucking good it is.

Hmmm i think i could go on the game show, But sadly i don’t have a microphone with me.

Don’t worry about that userdeath. If you want to contribute there are other things you could do.

I will see, Since i forgot to add “When i get my account back” Yeah it was stolen.

Well when you get back feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

This actually sounds really cool.

You could do it kind of like a news show (but interesting) and have a pre-made scene with custom animations and faceposer thingys.

If you were to do it, you’d have to have something unique, that youtube videos don’t, or are incapable of.

Thank you :slight_smile:
if you want to help with anything (Logos, Content, Ads) Then fell free to PM me :smiley:

How bout for gameshow you have a server from the Fretta Contest Gamemode. People can vote on who is gonna win.

Thats a good idea. But im not very good with any kind of coding so I would need people to code the fretta.