@Facepunch - UVW Oscillation & Tearing

Hello Facepunch,

I’ve noticed that there are some reoccurring issues with your shaders, and I’d like to lend out some helpful tips to avoid oscillation and tearing. Oscillation, a term for stretched, often tiled UVW maps where the model is incorrectly displaying after packaging. Here are a couple of not-so-obvious causes that I’ve found over the years.

1.) When you package your assets from Max/Maya, Unity will display the models correctly, but when you run the program it is incorrectly displayed. This can happen because:
a. You’ve got a vertex, polygon, or edge that wasn’t included in the UVW mapping. Remap the mesh in Polygons.
b. You’ve gone cross platform, i.e. Maya to 3DS Max, then to Unity, then back to Maya. Check your export options, especially with .FBX.
c. Your export options when compiling the package are not the same parameters when re-saving the file.
d. Your data transfer was interrupted, and there is missing data. If this is the case, examine the scripts for each of your incremental saves for discrepancies in quantity of code for the file.

2.) You’ve created the model in Polygons, UVW Mapped it, then exported with the, “Triangulate” feature in your exporting options. Always manually triangulate your models, because if you are working on a team and the team has different export settings (especially long-distance, different network, etc) the mesh is on its way to corruption.

3.) You forgot to delete your history nodes before exporting. The history remembers the location of the model, conflicting with Unity’s location.

4.) You forgot to zero out your x,y,z coordinates before exporting. Unity see’s the model’s UVW coordinates in the same place as the physical coordinates, in the estranged location, the UVW has shifted out of position.

5.) You’ve done it on purpose to spite Garry, because you want to see his product fail. Shame on you. :-p

6.) You’re using an unlicensed, non-commercial version of Maya or 3DS Max, you’ve overriden the student licensing in the launch options of the ini file, and you’re posing as a professional.

7.) You aren’t centering your pivot correctly, and when Unity tries to read the file for weather affects, lighting etc, the physical location of the model conflicts with the shader file.

I hope this helped, I’d like to see this issue get fixed. Yes, it’s not a truly big issue right now, but it’s very distracting and it is showing off the guts of the game engine, and nobody wants to see how the movie was made before they watch it.


PS: I highly recommend, now that you’ve got some cash flow, getting a team license with Digital Tutors - it’s a great group, and an they’re excellent database for Q&A when you guys run into snags. It definitely helps out with lead’s not having to answer n00b questions when they could be working, interrupted. If I can afford a team license, your million dollar product can as well. Unless, that is, your team consists of full scale veteran modelers from ILM and Dreamworks, then i’ll bugger off and let you people work.

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It’s a bit longer then I thought and I haven’t modeled in about a year now since my accident, so sorry about that. I guess it goes to show when you learn how to model from an ILM 17 year vet, it sticks with you. :-p

It took me a minute to figure out who you were addressing in this post, but it sounds like you’re trying to chastise the facepunch art staff working on Rust. If that is the case, this really isn’t the place to do it. I’d say that you could post in the Rust section, but I don’t think that would be a wise idea either, since that’s mostly filled with children complaining about the game in some way or pimping servers. I honestly have no idea where you’d post this on the forum and it’d be taken seriously, sorry. :frowning:

This subforum is mostly the legacy garrysmod community modeling forum, as in we’re mostly just hobbyists that make and/or modify models targeted to the source engine for gmod/SFM releases. There is also a decently vibrant hobbyist technical artist community here; since source is relatively unforgiving to artists, people generally ask source porting questions here. One thing is for sure, the FP staff artists do not post here, and I’m not sure they know/care this place exists.

Actually, it looks like you know your way around modeling packages, you’re welcome to provide feedback on people’s personal projects in the modeling thread. Solid feedback and constructive criticism is always welcome there, since people there are generally trying to improve their craft.

Oh, well, I’m not chastising Facepunch. I considered buying the company, why would I insult them?

Looks like I’ve put it in the wrong section, but I bet it’ll be rather helpful to less-versed modelers about UV issues. But yeah, I ‘know my way around’ modeling packages… Maya, ZBrush, Mudbox, After Effects, almost a degree in Fine Art & Game Design - you could say I’m versed.

This specific section of the forum is generally filled with independent modders who just work on GMod and SFM stuff. You’re not going to have much luck here. Getting Garry to listen to feedback is a bit of tricky territory to begin with though I imagine he’d consider it so long as he agreed with it and felt it was worth it (assuming he even sees the next post you make if this thread isn’t moved).

I care less about Garry, and more about the product itself. Enjoy your sick tips though, n00bies :slight_smile:

Then could you like buy the company and cancel Rust?