Facepunch vs The Jesters 20+ man battle

Just wanted to say that this isn’t a troll thread.

The Facepunch community took on the Jesters last night and had a pretty big, firefight - maybe 10-15 guys in total. The facepunch guys tried to attack the Jesters base. Unfortunately for them, they got wedged between us , rogeravenger and summit- so it quickly escalated into a four-way- and unfortunately the facepunch guys got massacred (but not before killing quite a lot of Jesters- I personally Died 3/4 times in the video.

Helk and another facepuncher asked me if i’d recorded the event, so I thought i’d post it for him and you facepunch guys to see.

I just want to say that it was a great fight and fair play to the Facepunch guys- you are all worthy opponents and I hope you enjoyed the battle as much as we did and didn’t take the smack talking at the end too personal :slight_smile:


Awesome intro music!

Very cool to see this sort of stuff happening. Cool vid Powerpuffters, was funny to see the carnage unfold.

Valley boys/ facepunch you let me down.

3:00 i just wanted my m4 :v:

Watched this on Summit’s channel, was so awesome :slight_smile:

Looked like lots of fun, thanks for sharing!

Loved that fight, couldn’t even hear the teamspeak very well over all the gunfire, at that point i just thought jesus… this is epic.
I was trying to cover the jesters 50m to the north and managed to get a few hits and distract the gunfire on to me a few times .
As i was giving cover, i missed the Roger and Summit attack, look forward to watching his twitch recording and seeing it from his viewpoint.

Loved the fight guys, we should do more!


why you gotta be like that

Summit’s view point

Start of vid (1 or 3 mins in) shows you guys going to rogers base then ours.
…And i saw my self behind the barn shooting… so im happy

automerge snip

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summit gets taken out by his own teammate after suggesting that our group is disorganised


the jesters have a LOT of guys… but they aren’t very good shots… they are more like Ant’s that swarm you. if you have a decent defense… they aren’t doing much to you

My death was down to my own stupid action. First of all, I didn’t bring enough ammo for the firefight, and then I decide to run at an armed and armored guy with only a hatchet and expect to somehow live, forgetting to place my bed down on top of all of that :v:

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here was our PoV, towards the end of our patrol we just kinda end up in the largest battle rust has ever seen :v:

That was just a scout group looking for places to raid. Now that we found one, we’ll be back.

I saw this battle from my house, so cool :3

Raiding your bases is some of the most fun iv had in this game

fuck yeah savant!
anyways that looked so fucking epic and cool, cant wait to start playing

All of that looks fucking epic! Great videos. Saw some of the series you were doing in another post as well. Keep up the good work.

Give them some credit. They were being raided by a bunch of dudes in cloth armor that hadn’t yet learned what sleeping bags do.

This was such a fun raid, even though I came in with only a pistol. It was a great time!