Facepunch Washington Hacked?!

Hey everyone!

we had in our base about 15 c4 yesterday. Today they are not longer existing. Every other Stuff is still there, but only the c4 has gone. The base wasnt raided, because there is no destroyed wall or anything. Has someone also this problem on Facepunch Washington (USA)? This is just a big shit, because crafting 15 c4 takes very long…

some1 from ur group took it and gone. true story

Lol nice try but nope. I play only with my brother. And he was off and would not do this ;).

Someone could have blown into your house, replaced the walls… easy…

If he goes through the trouble of doing that, why not take the other items…?

There has been hackers on Washington server past week, they can wall hack and code hack. I dont get why all these people think there are no hackers on experimental because there are. We saw one walk through our walls, and they also can change your code lock. It sounds like someone is failing to access your code lock insanely fast. our crew managed to kill the hacker once then he came back and threw 30-60 c4 all over and in the base.

does he also shot laser from his eyes and fireballs from his arse?
yeah, this is exactly how you guys sound when calling everyone hacker!

you got raided… it happens… move on

Just because he didn’t take everything doesn’t mean he didn’t take what was needed.Perhaps the C4 was all that was needed.

i was not raided! the cupboards are high enough and i destroyed the stairs so it was unraidable in this case. Everything was as every day, I also was still sleeping in the house. Only the c4 was not there…

as it is now, ANY BASE is raidable, unless your cupboards are in the edge of the stability for columns… this means 25 stories up or something like that…
because you can make a raid tower and jump on top of your base, and dig your way into the base… authorize, then rebuild the walls destroyed.
i do it every time… so the owner doesn’t know how i got in…
i’ve seen around 30 out of 100 raided owners coming to this forums with this same complain… and its flawles… every time… its just a normal raid and the owner doesn’n know shiet about actual game mechanics… (Raid towers, jump distance… etc)