Facepunch Washington

Is there a listed reason online for why Facepunch Washington is down?

On that note, is there an ETA for when it is supposed to come back up?

Yes. What’s going on?

wipe hype

Facepunch Official servers are garbage.

I know the name “official” suggests otherwise, but…yeah.

i’m going to be pretty upset if there is a wipe

seriously i just spent so much time redoing my base

My buddy and I had a 5 story round tower with a perimeter wall loaded with loot and 5 AKs with ammo. We came back like 8 hrs later to find it blown to shit and looted by the nearby clan. Who woulda thought 3 days after a wipe ppl had that much legit c4. But wait they raided every other base too. Hope there are alot of duping bans handed out. They wasted hrs of ppls time just being jerks. They took shit they didnt even need. Hope the devs do right or we are gonna move on to something else.

The fact that so many of you complain of “wasting time” on your base if it gets raided/wiped/etc. is pretty hilarious. You’re getting way too attached to pixels on an alpha game with constant wipes, bugs, exploits, etc. Just enjoy it for the interaction and progress. Who cares if you lose anything?

EDIT: Keep the ‘dumb’ ratings coming. I’m not the one that blows a gasket when an official server (primarily used as a testing ground) on an alpha game goes down or wipes.

I do see your point. But, Im referring to the fact that it was lost due to a duping exploit. I am concerned with what happens after this in regards to the ppl who did the duping. I realize other games have this problem or similar problems. But not every game requires countless hrs of time to build up to certain level like this one does. And it all can be ruined by a duper who exploited the game to grief other players. My situation may be different than others but I put in what i estimate to be 40 hrs of game play since the last wipe only to see my work and my buddys work (who put in about the same hrs of time) leveled by a bunch of duppers in a very very short time. So if you don’t get the point now then I guess you are just not going to get it. The raids were not legit in the fact that they duped the C4. That is my major concern. My buddy and I would collect resources to make 40 bean can grenades to do a legit raid which takes alot of time when you have to fight ppl and do this at times when the neighboring clan is away only to be raided by said clan in the manner we were raided. I my be just ranting, but I need to get it out and I feel better doing so. I hope there were not many ppl on the Washington server who had this happen to them, but I know there were. All we are hoping for is justice and a more legit playing field during this wipe.

But who said there was even going to be a wipe? I mean seriously. Is there any news about what’s going on at all?

Two things, first, this thread was not created to have people complain about getting raided and the duping bug, we get enough of that in the world chat. Please keep this post to my original request and that is people trying to figure out what is going on with the server itself. Did it get wiped? Did it get DDOS’d? Why is it down so long without anyone telling us what is going on and why?

Second, I have heard a lot of people complain about duping and people cheating to get blueprints because it is not possible to get them. I own four Quarry’s, a pump jack, and have a few big bases so far since the BP wipe last Thursday. My group and I have every Blueprint available between us all, and we have raided dozens of bases with completely legitimate (and yes farmed for) Rockets and C4. We also have multiple boxes full of guns and ammo (having 5 fully made AK47u’s is not even something worth mentioning, and the fact that you mentioned it like an achievement says something about how you have not done much). Do not whine and say you were beat by a dupe hack when you could have in fact been beat by somebody who actually did it fairly. You do not know for sure what happened, and the world chat is full of salty people saying that other people have duped just because they lost their stuff. My group and I have made well over 50 Rockets and over 10 C4 and used them all happily on our annoying neighbors who would not listen to reason.

Welcome to Rust.

Awesome story bro. Your correct about wrong thread.

Update on server status : still down and no news that Ive found concerning whats up

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I was referring to the monthly wipe. If they wipe the server again today that will piss ALOT of ppl off.

Well no worries cause it’s back online now.

lmao i said wipe and people freaked! lmfao

It’s hilarious. I wipe my modded server weekly (50 average pop, 100+ post-wipe primetime), and you should see some of the heads start exploding.

Yeah, why would players be upset over spending 20 hours building something and getting gear and then losing all of that.


Most players on my servers don’t consider that time “wasted”, though. It’s all about building up, defending, talking shit, warring with other clans, then repeating it all over again. Perhaps you’re not overly familiar with modded, but it’s pretty easy to grow bored after about 7 days. I’ve noticed that population starts to fade and things grow stale. Maybe it’s not that way on vanilla, but it can be on modded.

Even on vanilla, I wouldn’t be too concerned about wipes. Building (especially in a group) is not hard to do easily and quickly. It’s more about the end-game and less about the building. I think a lot of people agree with me. This ain’t Minecraft.

I have an advert that spams when the last wipe was and when the next one is. Nobody is being held at gun-point to play on my server, but a lot of people still do.

Strange, that.