(Facepunch_Connector_AuthFailure) Caused by router crashes.

Today I was playing on a server when my foot accidentally hit the power button for my router. My pc and game were still on but my internet turned of immediately. I was told by my friends that I was still standing up and “Alive” in game. It took my character a couple minutes to go into sleeper mode. Since my internet screwed up I have not been able to join any servers and have been getting the (Facepunch_Connector_AuthFailure) error. I never had this error before. Router restarts also don’t fix it as has been said on other thread.

Just wanted to let you guys know that this is one of the things that seems to be causing this error.

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WOOOOOOO. Can also confirm server restart is the only fix. My server restarted for a reason and i am now fully able to join again!

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So I think it must have something to do with the game keeping you somehow logged into a server or something even though you are not actually on it? Then the game won’t let you join any other servers because it thinks you are still on the first one because you weren’t able to log out properly because of the sudden internet interuption.

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this is happening accross the board for all users so you’re not special

After a server restart you only have a 5 m inute window to make it in before auth goes down.

Really big bug atm but should be fixed soon