I can’t connect to the server im playing in nor the other ones which is really weird, it worked earlier today. My friend is in the server seems that it is just me that has this problem. Does anyone have a solution?

Im having the same problem don’t worry haha

okey, so maybe there is some kind of maintenance going on

I’m having similar issues. I just bought the game. I was able to login to US Central 1 and play for a few minutes. I then quit to turn down the graphics a bit. Ever since, I haven’t been able to log onto ANY server. I either get the authfailure or the limbo error.

Sucks that I can’t play the game I just bought…

Yea it really sucks, have played like 25 hours since i bought it 3 days ago

yea i just bought a server and now i cant play on it wtf

I´m German and have the same problem. i have the game 2 days but i can not login to server

Someone said that its a problem with steam authenticating users

Just have to wait it out :L

Well, why 2 days my game have no problems and then this message came ? When it is Steam. I Mean the Developer must nothing do on the Auth Functions :open_mouth:

Mine is working again :slight_smile:

Same Here Dude

Working again.

my servers wont even show up…

Try restarting your steam

It works for me now but not my friend and he has tried restaring steam aswell several times

How about an official server?

I have been trying to connect to US East Coast 2 under official and it is not working. I tried restarting steam, reinstalling game, restarting computer, and verifying game cache.

Been following since the first thread about this and noticing how many people are starting to flood in on the servers. Thought im trying to connect to Belgium (Official server) but the problem still occurs. As the server gets full i get the message “Server is full” but as soon as there are open slots i get the authentication error.

Is this server restarted or will it be restarted?

Side note : Yes i am able to connect to the US servers but its a pain to play on them since i live in EU

EDIT: Was able to connect to a FR official server seems like the only one i cant connect to is the Belgium server.

Same for me ! i cant connect to a server but some of my friend can …

I cant connecte to FR officiel server