Facepunch_Connector_Cancelled _-=| RUST |=-_

Hello everybody,
this morning when I want to connect to a server it tells me RUST “Facepunch_Connector_Cancelled”.
Does anyone would help me?
thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english.

Hi !

A friend of mine got the same issue. He cant play anymore.
I check online, and lot of people have this problem. And we dont have any explination.

At least, please, can you give us the signification of the error code “Facepunch_Connector_Cancelled”. Even in the log file, it’s the only information i’ve got.

Ty in advance, sry for my english too.

Please use correct forum thread for posting Bugs.

It looks like this is problem with White-Listing you on server, or you using pirated version of a game.

Hi ^^

I made a post in the but section too ^^
My friend use a regular version of the game, bought on steam.

It’s a whitelist server, what can i do ? Contact the admin to ask to whitelist my friend again ?

After checking this error out it looks like its only happening with people who got the pirated version of rust :). If it’s your case you might try actually buying the game before asking for help in here.

In your case you need to be whitelisted on that server in order to join. You’ll have to contact the admin.

Good luck <3

Hi again !

Re whitelisted - reboot - 3 times - doesnt work.

Buy the game.

I ve got the game !


Anyone got an usefull tip please ?

Can you try and see if every server is like this or just the one you want to play ? this is a direct error regarding either by the game being the pirated version or you’re not being on the whitelist.

To quote how the whitelist on rust works :

Also very sorry for my previous post :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: it was either this or that.