Hello there First off I’m kinda New to Facepunch Thread so if the is the Wong Area please Let me link me the Right Area to put this. So This is what Has happened. I bought Rust From Steam and played it for about 28 hours the week it hit steam. I then Re installed windows and just didn’t play it for a few weeks. I did not install it or anything. I Wanted to play it cause it has YouTube Rights so I was Going to Record and When I installed it and tryed to connect to a Server it said I was Vac Banned. Im Really Lost at why this happened when I was the one Reporting people that was Cheating. I Did not use any 3rd party software. or move any of the files when I had it installed before. But it is saying that I did and Im so Freaking Lost. As Far as I know I’m the only one with the password to my account. Can someone please help me I spent to much money on steam to have it start Banning me.

Thanks for Taking the Time out reading this If you need any info please Let me know.

Facepunch doesn’t handle VAC bans, Valve does. You’ll have to contact them instead.

Before you tried playing it on a new setup, did you try any video recording software on the older setup? Because you mention you wanted to record the game so I figured you might’ve tested video recording software on the game prior to your reinstallation of windows, usually they don’t hand out VAC bans unless you installed something, or had it hijacked, or borrowed yahdahyahdah.

Do people think their text looks better with random, misplaced capital letters? Grammar man, makes you not look dumb.

Post your Steam profile, please.

a tiny bit inside of me dies every time i see this thread.

This I know They seem to think that it is Legit. But they wont give any info on the matter.

I was Using OBS before But I installed FFSpit this time around but it was Not Running at the time.

The caps are a side Effect of Coding in collage with a dash of networking. It is a hard habit that I can not break

NPCKiller666 But like I Said Valve says its real Less someone Hijacked my account and didn’t know it. But that has never happened that I know of.

I’m Sorry to hear that. Good luck thou.

You know jinx, that isn’t always the case You realise not all people are liars.

ive used obs, no vac ban.

If the VAC ban is on your profile, the only thing you could have done is cheated.

Literally nothing else gets you a ban on your steam profile.

There have been quite a few cases of false positives, just fyi.

I don’t believe this was one of those times… they are very few and far between and Valve tends to be really quick about overturning false positives.

This person already admitted that Valve confirmed the ban.

In all honesty the ratio of “false-positives” is probably < 1% “quite a few” is far from likely. Other than isolated incidences. Even the CSGO “vac” bans were not on people’s accounts.

The thing is that I have not had it installed to play it so how could I cheat?

1 VAC ban(s) on record | Info
38 day(s) since last ban

What were you doing around January 14th? Because Valve thinks you were cheating.

Do you have SteamGuard enabled on your account?

This I do. In Jan I re-installed windows. Cause I could not find Crap on my PC and it was Locking up from all the Trash I have on it. EG Sony Fraps FFSplit OBS Ect ECT. 900GB of Raw Data. I did Install some things to Tap into my Pc and tell me the Temp and Fan speed. I also Added Slim Drivers to make sure I was Not missing any Drivers that would Cause it to lock up. So I Wiped it. Makes cleaning A Whole lot faster.

Nothing anyone here can do. Appeal to Steam Support, they are the only ones on the planet, other than the VAC engineers themselves, who can do anything at all about VAC bans.

Nobody on Facepunch has any authority regarding VAC bans whatsoever.

So Pretty Much I get a Bad Record for not playing and Wasted $20.00.

Does this look like Steam Support? No. We can’t help you.

the only way you get a permanent vac ban is cheating or getting high jacked, and false alarms have been easily known to have been removed. Had he been hijacked that’s’ his responsibility if he didn’t use steamgaurd and they would have changed the password if they did hijack (Unless they were stupid phishers). It’s virtually impossible to steal an account with steamguard unless you also have the email.

but you know what?

I don’t care how he got banned, he’s still a human being. I won’t treat him like shit lying or not because he is friendly enough so whatever. He’s much nicer than most other people wondering why they got banned.

if it was they would have removed it eventually anyways

I also have a VAC ban, it’s really not as bad as you think.

You’ll spot a few assholes, but they can fuck themselves. Just don’t cheat again if you did cheat. Eventually it won’t look as bad once it says “500 days ago”