I can’t connect to any servers, I get the message Facepunch_Connector_WaitedLimbo :frowning:

Same here…

Me too. Any idea’s guys?

Well i hope its just a temporary problem

Same here for me

Are you all on dev branch?

For me it says the same msg then goes to Facepunch_Connector_AuthFailure

I’m not on the Dev Branch and I cannot connect to any servers atm. Getting the same message

No, I just bought the game about five minutes ago and it’s throwing the same error on my end.

I have ‘Facepunch_connector_authfailure’.

Okay hang on a minute guys, going to look into it.

Can you try restarting steam as a start?

I did already restart, now im getting the limbo one. :S

No servers are loading for me. And when I try to connect to any server on my history list I get this message. :confused:

Restarted, same message.

I’m getting the same, I’ve restarted Steam and verified game files

Tried steam restart, verified game cache, try a system reboot as well. Just started acting up today, haven’t had any issues previously. I am on the main branch

Not working for me either

I’ve tried restarting my computer and steam and still get the same errors. I’ve even tried servers I don’t normally play on, same issues.

You can tell it’s happening to a bunch of people, none of the Official Servers are full and all of them are slowly yet steadily going down in population.

I am having the same issue. Restarted both the game and steam, did not solve it.