Facepunch's Thoughts on Donator Perks for TTT

I’m looking for Facepunch’s opinion on the following: What Donator Perks are acceptable on TTT, What price is acceptable for the amount of donator items, and what makes you willing to donate to a server?

I’ve avoided putting custom models into my pointshop because I’m interested to see a mass group opinion.

“Donation Perks” in all gamemodes (in all games in fact) should not allow the customer to have any advantage whatsoever.

Some good examples are a cosmetics (trails, sparkles etc)

Right now I’m running where a few pointshop hats, all the CSS/HL2 skins(trying to avoid custom models for download reasons). I agree with the “no advantage” system.

Donator ranks should always be under admin or mod; never have paid administration ranks. I would recommend $10 for it since that’s middle of the road and acceptable of a price

Eh, I’m only paying $10 for my server, so $5.00 seems reasonable especially if I don’t plan on adding custom playermodels or weapon loadouts.

don’t set a rank like “for 5$ you get an Colored Rank and DarkRP $$$ and for 10$ even moar DarkRP Dosh!”
Just set a minimum (smth like 1,50€ or simmilar, so that the fees don’t take all of the donation) and let them donate whatever amount they feel like.
Reward for the Support, not the amount.

Set price ranks work fine; they’re a good business model for a fixed reward as opposed to pay-what-you-want which can stunt profits.

I added a “Tip Jar” option to my donation page that has a minimum of like, $0.20(paypal taxes). Got any trail suggestions?

A good cosmetic could be a halo.

I wouldn’t do trails; they cause lag and just look ugly. Player models (shipped with the game), hats, and stuff like that are good

What about taunts? That could be a good thing to get if you donate.

How about one that renders an 3d2d Panel in front of the player “I’ve payed 5 bucks and all i got is this bloody Panel.”

Colored names, colored chat text, tags before their names

models/hats/trails identify people and kinda break the game a lil

Isn’t the whole point to stand out? I mean, I would agree if we were speaking about prop hunt, and there’s a lamp with hat, but this is TTT, you aren’t always a traitor.

Following Situation. im using ttt_minecraft_b5 as an example.

Someone snipes from lighthouse. Normally “Someone Shoots from the Lighthouse”.
But if he got an Giant Afro and James xX has it:
“James is shooting from the Lighthouse! KOS!”

Same thing with Trails. With them it’s pretty easy to hunt your target, since you can see where did he went.
Without Trails, you could see him jumping down the Lighthouse. Maybe you see it but didnt realised it.
With Trails it’s like an Big Neon Sign

First i thought an Pointshop was a good idea for my TTT, but after seeing how it was executed, i changed my mind. Especially Playermodels are cancer for TTT. It has a reason all got the same.

I usually put a rule “No KOS on Model/Trail/Hat.” because I can easily go and copy someone’s entire look.

I would not recommend this. Artificial rules are stupid and lead to unnecessary punishments or even punishing creative gameplay, which is already quite limited in TTT. Fptje made a nice post about this which I cannot find right now.

If you absolutely must have hats, you could make them detective only. Detectives are supposed to stand out so I don’t think detective with an afro could ruin the gameplay.

In TTT the point is to blend in. Pointshop models, hats, and trails defeat that purpose and ruin the gamemode

I’ve made a couple of fairly popular trail packs and even I think they look a bit tacky on TTT

What about perks that do not affect the player’s appearance then? Sprays for example, the ability to play music on a jukebox, etc.