Faces (Trance HL2 music video)

Faces - Ashley Wallbridge and Andy Moor

This video I did was my first ever time at using HL2 Faceposer. I filmed and animated this in Half-Life 2 and Garrys Mod.

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That was pretty cool.
I can tell you used gm_skylife and ttt_raveclub.

Yea but ttt_raveclub keeps crashing when i load it :frowning:

Could have used a bit more editing, but I liked it :smiley:

Sorry man I would have but my garrys mod kept crashing so I couldn’t film that much to edit

this is good but choreography could have improved alot. too many frontal shots

thanks man :stuck_out_tongue: my first faceposer, what else is bad tell me so i can improve