Facewound - Guy on top of a car shooting zombies with two big revolvers

Yup. Title says it all. Would have mentioned the choppers too if I could have.


Thanks to Haxxer for the music.

Amazing as usual. The lighting on the pants looks badly isolated tho. I could also say there’s some aliasing but without Sdof working, I can’t really blame anyone for this.


Supposed to look like that. I wanted to make the in-game rim lighting glow.

Thanks for the music, Hax.

wierd because its working fine for me

Nice, nice, nice and nice :smiley:
I like it!
And that is a muscular model?

Thanks. And the model is that 50 Cent ragdoll ported by S-Low. I reskinned it and later added the citizen head in GIMP.

Very awesome work Joazzz!

Properly done, because the head of 50-cent here would not come up: D

Good grief. There is no one above you when it comes to these kinds of pictures. Freaking awesome.
Guy reminds me of a Duke nukem picture I once saw where he had gone completely ape shit.



Thanks anyway :buddy:

Hey what’s in this balloon OH GOD

If you little bastards are going to make me miss one more minute of Law and Order, I swear I’m going to come down there and smite you all.


This may be the absolute most badass thing i’ve seen today.

and i watched Zombieland a few minutes ago.

Well done 'ol chap.

Thanks, mate.


Too bad Garry didn’t finish Facewound.
it was fun!!!~


mmmh bravo :tiphat:

That’s fucking awesome.

G-unit belt :wink:
nice picture overall.

Agreed so much.