Facial animation

I’m trying to figure out how to do facial animation. Someone told me faceposer lets you do that, but all I can do is pose faces…No animations. Does anyone know how to do it? Kind of like how they did it in this?

Whoever told you that was referring to the Faceposer in the Source SDK, not Garry’s Mod itself.

So is that what you use? If so, how do I access it?

You can find Source SDK in the tools section of the library. Open that up and double click on “Face Poser” once the SDK window appears.

Of course, you may need to look at some tutorials, since you can just easily make anything without knowing what to do. I would just start off on this page. I don’t know any good video tutorials, but this could be a good start.

Thank you so much. Would you also know anything about animating ragdolls to do certain things?

Also, I hate to bump this thread, but I don’t think this question warrants a new thread: where can I find sound files for TF2 characters’ voices, shouts, etc.? I also need to find a sound file of the noise that the game makes when gman teleports in HL1…

Look in your tf2 content.gcf and your hl1 content.gcf.

I just copypaste those files?

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I cannot find content.gcf in either game folder

Never mind I figured out how to do it. But do you guys know how to animate models? I want the scout to sit down on a couch, for instance.

You’ll want to use 3ds Max or some other animation suite for that.

Are you kidding me? Then how do other machinimators do it? I don’t have a spare $3000 dollars.

They do use 3ds Max, it can be acquired for free with an educational license. Some also use tools like HAT that tween stop motion with ragdolls, or simply record the physgun with the beam turned off.

If you only wanted to do TF2 stuff though you could skip GMod completely and use Source Filmmaker. I can’t go any more in depth than that in fear of bans.