Facial Ddeformation and some other minor bugs


It has come to my attention, that sometimes faces or bodies of players will appear deformed.
This guy has some serious facial deformation going on.

Now watch that same guy, after being killed his shoulders stayed on the 2nd floor while his legs tried to fall down through the floor.

Wow. Face is definetely the most deformed player in rust.

Other Bugs:

  • Menu music and Loading screen music both play at one state of connecting.
  • Animals rolling downhill are unsynced (Not lootable from time to time)


  • Beanies and Baseball caps have no armor value while Burlap headwraps have armor values. (pretty high ones actually)
  • The Riot helm should be more protective against melee weapons and less protective against bullets, like it’s sait in its description. Now, it has the exact same values than the bucket helmet.

Photo 1 looks photoshopped but I have heard other reported of this so I would say it’s true even though I’ve never seen it happen before.

RustUpdates ‏@RustUpdates 36m36 minutes ago
fixed a bug with the player’s face looking like Morhpeus from the Matrix. - @goosemanti (/main)

Maybe that will help.


@jumonji: Probably yes.

I would still like somebody from facepunch to acknowledge or notice this post.

I doubt it. They maybe noticed it but they wont respond.

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