Faclco hacks

My friend told me to get these hacks for gmod darkrp but he forgot where to get can you help me?

Why would you need hacks for RP…


local RedCol = Color( 255, 0, 0, 255 )

local CustomEnts = {}

CustomEnts[“money_printer”] = “Money Printer”
CustomEnts[“gunlab”] = “Gunlab”
CustomEnts[“microwave”] = “Microwave”
CustomEnts[“drug_lab”] = “Druglab”
CustomEnts[“gf_flag”] = “Flag”

for _, v in ipairs(ents.GetAll()) do
for k, t in pairs( CustomEnts ) do
if v:IsValid() and v:GetClass() == k then
local pos = v:GetPos() + Vector( 0, 0, 50 )
pos = pos:ToScreen()
draw.SimpleText( string.upper( t ), “DefaultFixed”, pos.x, pos.y - 10, RedCol,1, 1)

throws monitor at Combineguru


Combineguru, do you just think “I need to create a hack for X” and make it? Seems pretty decent for something needed a very short time ago.

check your pms

Lol I am falco you should get my hacks here:

i fucking knew you were a hacker, that is why you were banned !!

I love when people call it ‘hacking’

It’s really more like exploiting the whole concept of client-side scripts.

Yeah…but yelling EXPLOOOIITTT!!! Just sounds stupid.


Way to use a joke that’s already been used twice in the same thread.

It’s not hacking if you use it to keep track of naughty players on a server(falco_spectate, fdetector, esp).

Way to be a dick D;