Factions, Towns, Diplomacy, and Karma

I’ve been playing Rust for a very short time but, I’ve noticed quite a few things that would make this game a lot more interesting on the diplomacy and economic side of things.

I know this game is in early development and, as you have stated before, you are not sure which direction the game will go yet. These are all just opinions but, I think it would make the game a lot more engaging if there was a structured faction system, a way to form boundaries, name towns, start trade, declare war on other factions, grow food, etc. There is a lot more to iron out as far as the basics of the game (there is no map yet, or friends list, etc.) However, I am looking ahead at the big picture.

I really like what direction the game is going in right now, I like the ability to be a loner, gather supplies, scavenge, and just survive. This is a very valid game style that suits a lot of players; however, there are also gamers who enjoy a more diplomatic and economically engaging experience on top of the strictly survivalist gameplay.

I envision the ability to start a town from the ground, build walls, gather different people and assign them ranks on a structured system, run the economy and base it off of whatever makes a profit (have a team of scavengers, or woodcutters, or steal from other towns,) place all of this in a menu and allow someone to run their town from a subsection of their inventory, the ability to add and remove members, make people a higher rank, give them different responsibilities or “missions,” chat with their town, control the towns “wealth,” etc.

Also once a mini-map is added, there could be a “tower,” or “wall,” that you can build to expand borders further and further. Of course this is combatted because the bigger it is the harder it is to defend. There could be a certain configuration to build a “town hall,” or possibly a “capture the flag,” system could be implemented instead, etc.

You could also build your image, name your town, create a flag or symbol, make trade with different towns, etc. All while you deal with lone wolves, zombies, Radiation, and other challenges.

It would be hard to make this system intuitive I’ll admit, I’d like to hear some other ideas people on the subject because I’d be really interested in seeing this style of gameplay more supported in the game.

It would also be really interesting if you experimented with a “Karma” system.

I have a lot of high hopes for this game and whatever direction you guys decide to take I’m sure it’ll be awesome!



You can already make factions, play and raid with other people.

You can already build towns, just put houses near eachother.

Also this isn’t Empire Earth, we don’t need all this stuff.


Factions: No. We don’t need a system, make it player-organized, clan building should be an option but not outright encouraged, that is stupid.
Towns: Players can build those by themselves
Diplomacy: No.
Karma: Go play Fallout.

Johnnymad: You cannot make factions player organized with no menu, that would be confusing and impossible to keep up with. Same with towns, I might not have said this clearly enough but, I want towns to be a more official undertaking if you choose to do so- it doesn’t have to just be a bunch of houses located near eachother (although it could be,) it’d be nice to have the option to do more with it on a basis that is structured (at least more so than it is now.)

What’s your gripe with diplomacy options?

Let me stop you right there. There is no “h” in my username.

I disagree, because if there was a menu, it would encourage clans, which is stupid because then it makes it tough for lone wolves like me, and the game is tough enough. I enjoy a challenge, but that would be a stupid challenge.

So You are saying that towns need a menu? Sorry, that’s even dumber. Towns can be easily built and maintained by players.

That would depend, you gave absolutely no elaboration, so I returned the favor.

I’m not saying towns need a menu but, it’d be nice if they had boundaries, and some perks for citizens, maybe a way to brand the town with a specific image or logo?

Fair enough on the diplomacy, let me elaborate: I’ve always found it interesting when players are able to form factions and declare war/peace upon other factions, something simple but, I think it might be interesting. Of course I see now that a lot of people do not like this play style so I’m not trying to say that I really want this to happen, I’m just throwing out ideas. This is alpha after all.

No on diplomacy still. If you want to declare war on a clan, you say to your friends “hey, dat clans fulla assholes, let’s go kill 'em,” no need for a menu or anything. The less menus, the better.

Maybe they could add the options for certain servers? Maybe some servers are completely vanilla, others with more advanced options for stuff like factions and towns? Maybe make it the choice of whoever creates the server?

I see where you are coming from, I can see why you would want less menus and things getting in the way of the core of the game; however, in my opinion it’s not immersive enough for me where it is right now. Just a difference of opinions, I can totally respect your viewpoint though it makes sense.

That’s entirely up to the server admins, if you want to develop a plugin or have it developed, go right ahead.

Monet i know this video isn’t really about games like Rust but i think you should just watch it. What you want to do is in my opinion, basically what this guy describes. You want to add a lot of unnessesary stuff in an attempt to make it fun for all kinds of people. We don’t need a menu for everything. It just takes away a lot of realism as well as probably just making the game worse. Well just watch the video m’kay?

I understand what you mean HardcoreSnail but, adding basic diplomacy and faction options isn’t really that much to ask.

Again, I’m not saying everything needs a menu. Sure, factions would in my opinion but, giving towns perks and boundaries, and the ability to brand themselves is not a lot to implement, adding diplomacy is a bit of a stretch in vanilla I’ll admit but, having the option there is nice for players who enjoy that kind of stuff.

Why do you need your hand held for something you can already do? You don’t need official labels, just form a group and make alliances. Nothing prevents you from doing this right now.

I think I’m with Garry. Keep it simple.
With that said Give us tools to help
Like being able to see names a a much further distance. It’s not fun seeing the name to late to shoot.
Not only have a friends list but an enemies list.
I know this is a can of worms but user created signs. You can warn other to stay out or set a bounty on someone.
Along with that a way to Identify someone you killed.(like his head with his name)
This will help with bounties. You would be able to hand someone the head and ask for the bounty.

Happy New Year

Bingo. That’s what makes this game great. You get a lot of people who KoS, but you know what? People are so invested in not only the items they have, but their home as well, making territory a valuable thing, and something worth sharing with trustworthy people, so you aren’t so alone out there. I’ve seen far less KoS in this game than any other.

So really, all it’s going to take is the people making a server their home, and this sort of thing will happen naturally. And that’s the beauty of a game like this, not shoehorning in a mechanic that makes this a function of the game. It probably won’t be that often that it happens until the game is in a more polished state, and people are more willing to invest themselves for longer periods of time, without the threat of burning themselves out before the game is complete. But it’ll happen. And it will be more meaningful, because of the freedom in place.

This would only work as a server modification, considering Rust in its essence is supposed have a minimalistic HUD, no land ownership, unscripted interaction between players, unscripted goals and unscripted player alignment.

I have no idea why you want to script everything when it’d be much more fun to roleplay it; the only difference being that everyone gets more freedom and menus aren’t unnecessarily complicated. What’s stopping you from forming factions, assigning roles, naming towns and interacting with other groups of players as it is?

Whilst i wholeheartedly agree & totally love to see this i do have to disagree, as i feel this would be better of being a community modification. Much alike to that of one on GTA SA, you see the SA-MP modification made role-play servers possible, well i think the same would be the best option here. Naturally i guess in the future Garry will release the server files so the mods will come in the masses, if the base game allows for the potential of modding thing such as what you described then i think the Dev’s will have cracked it.

Our sub-community of rust had the exact same idea though, some of ours are here https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Walking-Rust-Rust-server/560050437416049.

Yeah I’m starting to agree with the fact that this kind of thing should be a mod instead of implemented in vanilla.

I still think it’d be fun to have that stuff implemented by a developer for a private server.

It quite possible to have the freedom and still have the factions. There was a thread that was asking for dyes in order to change the colour of the clothes. A system like this would allow people to have fractions and still have freedom.

If there is a lack of towns and diplomacy in this game it not because the game isnt build to do that its because people online dont normally work together unless they know that person for real (in one way all the other.) If anything fractions and having towns will encourage more KOS because it would be “that guy is not on our team let kill him/our town vs their town.”

On the economic side how quick resource spawn and how rare items are should take care of that, if people are willing not to kill their neighbors.