First screenshot I’ve uploaded. Ready for your criticisms (and boxes :smile: )

Took me a while to realize what it was.

Make sure to turn up your graphics next time, just before you snap the photo.

i cant make this out at all. :confused:

Well I had everything turned up high, and aliasing at x2…it’s supposed to be the Cyborg Ninja fading out. Guess I’ll chalk this one up to a failure and try something different next time. It seemed so cool at the time too…

well… try try again is what they say.

Did you remember to slide the screen shot quality bar up to 100 percent?

what is this

Oh cool, Gray fox right? I think the editing is cool. Good job mate.

^ Thanks.

Now that I did forget to do…but it was at 90, does it make that huge of a difference?

Yes, but i prefer going into console and typing “Bind F5 Screenshot”

Without quotes, it saves it as a TGA file, with no jpeg artifacts.

I see what you mean, that did make a difference…thanks for your help everyone, I’ll try something again tomorrow maybe.

You wouldn’t expect it to, but it makes a great deal of difference.

Also, that reminds me of Soul Blade.

Is that Grey Fox?


i’ve been waiting for you snake

Heh I would have tried to throw Snake in the shot too but I wanted to keep it simple.

It’s good for a start.