C&C please

Soldier on the left looks alright, but what is the soldier on the right doing with the PPSh-41?

Edit Nvm I see that he is getting shot, didnt see the blood due to blur.

yeah It looks weird. thank you anyways

also the soldier on the left, his foot is clipping into the ground. I’d recommend this if the model is rigged to the HL2 skeleton.

thank you!

Oh jeez, I want these models! Too bad I didn’t have them for my last russian pose…
Makes me think of a picture by Uberslug, nice colors.

Just released on RELEASE section.

Are they bloo’s models?

Nice depth-of-field.

I think so.

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nice posing!

Blood should be coming from the exit, not the entry. If there’s no exit, there shouldn’t be anywhere near that much blood, it just looks gamey. Also, stay away from ANY Call of Duty game models, they’re all fucked up and look like midgets, and it really ruins any picture you use them in. The ONLY exception is the fixed pack Alex Vestin did, but those were only MW2 models.

Is it just me or is the guy on the left letting out some green gas? :raise:

those COD models don’t look like midgets. actually the size of the models are bigger than HL2 ones.
and they are also not fucked up. imo

anyway why do you think all of those COD models are fucked up? blaming IW or treyarch?

Awesome work.
Although some more “depth” would be good, if you get what I mean.

their legs are too short. they are totally disproportionate compared to human adults. trust me, i know more than enough anatomy to spot when someone’s limbs are far too short and they have been since the first game, so it’s the fault of both iw and treyarch for consistently failing to correct it.

height doesn’t even come into it, i’m talking proportions here - and in that regard, they’re either midgets or very matured toddlers, pick one.

Get off the crack pipe Ross
Vestin’s soldiers blow balls aery’ day.
The only thing wrong with CoD 4 models is their hands which can be fixed rather quickly.
But yeah WaW stuff enjoys cock in the rear.

They are also fucking huge, and they really don’t have anything common with the american soldiers fighting in middle east, neither the SAS who don’t look like a pmc(which they do in the game) but an army unit in real life.

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Also tlsaudrl did you use sharpen ? it looks good, but the dof ruines it.

the reason the CoD4 marines we have now are huge is because Superfrog ported Vasquez’s body

which is fucking massive because he’s some burly motherfucker

if you honestly believe the proportions on any model from any call of duty game are not totally incorrect, it’s actually you who needs to get off the crack. vestin’s soldiers are proportioned correctly, have better textures, and just generally do not look like rubbish like the ported models. why are you trying to argue with someone who not only has enough anatomy background to pick up on the short legs, but also personal experience of how fucking ridiculously oversized the chest rigs are? every damn thing in the games is badly-made. compare any call of duty model to an actual human or proper model.