Fading a brush to black (Like a pit)

I want the bottom of buildings in a very tall city to fade to black.

I know the first thing you’ll say is FOG.

I can’t use fog because they’re at a large distance away, therefor making the buildings themselves darker. I need some way to just fade them to black.

Block light will just cut them off.

It’s for a skybox.


A brush with a custom transparent texture.

Was hoping I didn’t have to resort to putting down custom gradient textures just for a simple fade :expressionless:

Make some gray buildings in between xD No im actually a little bit serious

You only need one texture with black fading to transparent. Create a brush in front of the skyscrapers and apply this texture to it:


Use a custom gradient transparent overlay :v: very fast and easy fix. /thread

Make players wear glasses with dot at the center