Fading Props/Brushes In Valve Hammer Editor

I’m trying to make a horror/eye candy map for a mod that I’m making, but one of the scenes requires the ground to shake, the doors to lock, have bodies and blood decals appear all over the walls as the screen turns red, and then after a few seconds, have all of those things vanish. I have the first and second things completely down, but the third and fourth I just can’t seem to find out how to do.

I know there is a “Kill” Output for triggers, but that only removes. The color/bloom thing would work, but you could still bump into them.

Also, to make the screen turn red, I figured that I could use red fog activated from a trigger, but that instantly appears.

Anybody have any suggestions for the above mentioned problems?

For a red screen use color correction. They have a fade in/fade out time setting.

Actually, I found that env_fade works perfectly (I’m not sure whether it or color correction is better, but mine SEEMS to work). Only one more pain in the ass (I mean, problem) to fix :dance: