Fading screen error (lua virus?)

This has happened to me two times, everything at the screen that’s “solid” stays there, but the other stuff like player menu or chat box fades when you removes it. Is it somekind of lua virus? It has only come up in gmod, so it’s probably not a main error.

What map were you on? IF you were in gm_construct and in the white room, someone could have just changed the colours to be invisible.

Or you could check if colour mod is checked in you preferences tab (I think thats what its called.)

And what makes you think that is a lua ‘virus’?

Your graphics card is clearly fucked.

Turn OFF color mod, turn your graphics lower, and restart you computer. If that doesn’t work, delete your garrysmod directory and start all over again :sad:


Your PC is on AIDS!
Jk, i think you have enabled so much bloom on the post processing tab, just disable bloom or set less brightness, it happens too with color mod like Mat said.
Bad solution is just right click->properties->button “Set launch options…”. Type “-dxlevel 80” (Don’t type these " ) and start game. This sets the game on DirectX 8.0 and low graphics :frowning:
Or reinstall your graphics card drivers :stuck_out_tongue:
If it’s a virus, it probably is on config folder, delete it or set it on only read and allow windows to set the config folder files too!

Turn off bloom…