First pose. Comments/criticism welcome.

She’s got a stick in her…
she’s not holding the gun…
and Boobs.

Masturbation during a gunfight.


Sticking a stick up your… girly parts in the middle of a gunfight?

Wise tactic.

This is fucking hilarious

Looks like she’s making a “fire in the hole” or something.

My guess, is that this is a crossbow rod that was shot in her. . . stomach? She pulled out her gun which she couldn’t really hold that well and decided to point a camera at her breast and pull a reverse 127 Hours?

smexy time at the fireing zone…

Honestly, I wasn’t going for that look, and I’ve got another angle on my PC, but I’m on my phone right now so I can’t get it. Ill update the op with the pic when I get time, but keep in mind, it looks like shit.

Hi, never use the fakefactory models ever again

-Signed, Screenshots & Movies section.