FAdmin and ULX Help

So, basically, out of no where ASSmod stopped working. I used ASSmod for disabling spawning of weapons, entities, stuff like that. Now that it isn’t working, I am pretty much forced to use FAdmin. One thing I NEVER understood was how Fadmin worked. How do I actually set what rank players get? Is it based on ULX? Somehow I was already superadmin on it. I noticed that there was this inside my darkrpmodification/settings.lua

["STEAM_0:0:0000000"] = "superadmin",

I believe that gives superadmin on startup? I’m basically just worried that players / staff I do not want to give access to will be able to have those TAB commands.

I never really used that line, but yes, that’s a way to configure ranks.
The easiest way is to type into console “fadmin SetRoot <your fucking username>”
That will make your superadmin.
Then you would need to hold tab, goto server settings, and manage groups.

Do you by any chance know what ranks people get automatically?