fadmin broken?

so my ulx works fine all the ranks but for fadmin says i have no access?

so set ur rank???

my rank is superadmin and i did it with the recon command setroot
but its not working

this just happened to me aswell? i was using sql that i transferred from my localhost, i just deleted my fadmin entrys and fixed everything

how do you delete your fadmin entrys

are you using sql?

yes i am

go into your database and any tables with the prefix of fadmin, delete, i dont recommend it but it worked for me

What a coincidence to find Ted on the Facepunch forums. He added me on Steam and I had a good day so I felt like helping him and helped him getting FAdmin to work, after that he messages he has broken it again and asks me to fix that and when I told him I couldn’t just like a wizard read his config file and magically find the error he called me a twat and I removed him.

Over all, not a nice guy and helping him will only make him more arrogant.