FAdmin - how can i view who is ranked?

Hi, i have a big problem when i have to unranked a moderator i unrank him from ULX but i can’t unrank him from FAdmin if he isn’t connected to the server.
How can i view all player which are ranked with fadmin and how can i unrank them?

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_FAdmin SetAccess “SteamID” “RANK”

How can i view all player which are ranked with fadmin

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  1. Find his steam ID
  2. _FAdmin SetAccess STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX user
    (Replace that example steam id with his, and type the command in the console)
  3. Wonder why you use both FAdmin & ULX

Not sure if there is a built-in way to find the list of ranks and their respective steam ids, but you could find where the data is stored (presumably with SQLite in sv.db, but thats just a guess)

But there are some players which are ranked but i don’t remember them steamid

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so i’d like a list like the !menu where i can view all player which are ranked but for admin


Where ?

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Just use this http://steamidfinder.com/

Assuming you can find the steam profiles of your staff

No but i’ve some old staff but i can’t remember who are they

I’m pretty sure they are “linked” if they share the same usergroup name, it should just automatically remove him