FAdmin inter fears with ULX - ASAP HELP

My server is DarkRP.
Ages ago, I mistakenly made myself super admin using Fadmin, but by doing this, it screwed up my entire ULX rank, and to get my rank back I had to keep setting it every time I rejoined my server. This can be solved by removing FAdmin from the server, and my ULX rank is back… What I need help from though, is how do I remove my rank in total from FAdmin? I Deleted the fadmin folders in the data folder, but that didn’t work…
I want to keep FAdmin though because the DarkRP Replacement scoreboard sucks.

Please help!

Help pleaseee

You know, because you spammed 3 times, I am NOT going to help you if you can’t be patient and wait.

Delete sv.db in garrysmod/

Yea, do this and no more worries.

Of cause everyone loose their money and your prop blacklist gets a reset.

lmao how old are you? 10? I needed help as quick as possible, so I was bumping the thread to get it noticed.

inter fears

I suggest just deleting the FAdmin folder in DarkRP.

and lol inter fears.