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Sup People!

I need some help with Fadmin on my darkrp server. I usually use Evolve as adminmod, but I just discovered, Exsto as I think is much better. However, I want to use it with Fadmin, but if I rank a person in Exsto, it doesn’t also do it on Fadmin. There are no commands for ranking in Fadmin (ex. fadmin_setaccess) So I wanna set only one person as admin manually in one of the Fadmin files insite Darkrp. I have looked though some of the files, but I didn’t really find anything that looked like. Does anyone know anything about this?

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Is there a reason why you want to keep FAdmin when you are not using it as an admin mod?

Cause it got such a AWESOME scoreboard. Well… its ugly. But it can do fast actions.