Fadmin ranks causing superadmins+ to crash (DarkRP)?

After the recent Gmod update, I’ve noticed that anybody who is rank Super-Admin or Root_user on my server will automatically crash to desktop out of Gmod. I can set myself to just admin, and I am fine. But after I change myself or others to Superadmin or Root_user, it closes out without even an hl2.exe error. After changing my rank, I might last at most of two seconds before it closes. Has this been occurring to anybody else?

According to console, it just says I time out.
16:40:00 “Hipster<172><STEAM_0:0:25886545><>” disconnected (reason “Hipster timed out”)

Do you use ULX as well? This exact issue was reported amongst some ULX users after the last Gmod update and has been fixed in the latest SVN and Release versions of ULX.
To view more info about the issue, check our thread here: http://forums.ulyssesmod.net/index.php/topic,5628.0.html