FAdmin/Scoreboard issue

I’ve installed fresh DarkRP on my server.

I joined, set me as superadmin but i have none of the commands i should have in the scoreboard, i can’t setaccess, clear decals, clean server or even change the server limits like props, NPC’s etc…

DarkRP version

ULX/Ulib version

take id outa the darkrp settings.lua if that doesnt work 100% do that + delete the sv.db

Kk, i’ll try it :slight_smile:

But i added a script to get ulx commands when i right click on player in the TAB menu.

Not working :confused:

Possible script conflict-ions? You’re using an addon that changes the scoreboard up a bit.

If you’re using ULX, why’re you still using FAdmin for commands?

Disable FAdmin or remove that addon. only two solutions I see.

I tried to reinstal all gamemode and ulx but same happened, but if i disable FAdmin i loose the scoreboard and can’t cleanup the map, decails and sound

that didnt work woah thats weird

Thanks for all support guys :slight_smile:

I deleted everything in my server and reinstalled everything one by one and it’s working again :slight_smile:

Thanks again <3