Fadmin/ULX mess up, following by server crashing

Hello guys, i’ve been running my DarkRP server for exactly 6 days now, and it seems to have blown up with a really great mature community somehow, I believe the server’s going to be ranked somewhere around 70-90 by the end of the month if this keeps up- however, i’m having some major issues.
The past two days my server has been full with 40/40 players for the majority of the afternoon/midnight, and it seems that out of nowhere, the server begins lagging really minorly, then Fadmin halts to respond, following by the inability to use keybinds, IE: ulx noclip. Next up, doors cannot be purchased, and then the server lags out. This happens once or twice a day and I cannot grasp as to what the issue is.
Could anybody help me out? it doesn’t appear to be DoS’ing, neither is it prop spamming, I use enforcer.

If you don’t mind me asking: how much do you pay for your server?
If not: what specifications does your server include? (RAM etc.)

When that happens do you notice as when you walk like if you are laged?
Also, when that starts happening take a look to the console

it’s a 36 slot server from serenity hosting, I pay I believe $24. Not too sure as far as the ram, however, my server has zero addons and it is COMPLETELY lag-free. (That’s what brings most users in)

What i mean, is that when FAdmin stops working and the other does, do you notice strange things, as yourself walking with a very strange movement?

No other issues WHATSOEVER, it just occured on the server again, minutes ago.

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] ulx banid STEAM_0:0:89674048
[NetLog] Wrote table:
1 = banid
2 = STEAM_0
3 = :
4 = 0
5 = :
6 = 89674048
cmd = ulx
[NetLog] Wrote table:
1 = banid
2 = STEAM_0
3 = :
4 = 0
5 = :
6 = 89674048

This is what I got following an attempt to ban a user.


Are there any errors in the server-side or client-side lua log?

I’d recommend talking to your host to determine if you are being hit with any attacks or if anyone else on your node is being hit with an attack. If not, then it is probably one of your addons being exploited or an srcds exploit.

Consider using MySQL.
I suspect it’s due to the large amount of people on at once constantly changing SQL tables which lags out things like ULX and DarkRP. Also, the more things it has to index, the slower it will be, especially if you are not using MySQL.

My host has just notified me that I have been regularily recieving 15GB attacks.

How would one incorporate MYSQL into their DarkRP server? I’m sorry for the absolutely retarded question, I do not have a webhost currently.

You can search on Google plenty of free my awk databases, bi that isn’t very stable.
You can also setup a 24 hours pc in your home with a mysql database

I’d wish to do so with website hosting, I just don’t know how to go about that.

Don’t ever use free databases, they’re like he said unstable and most “free” hosts empty them regularly.
If you really need an SQL server you can buy webhosting from NFO for 2.99/month.

To add SQL you go to addons\darkrpmodification\lua\darkrp_config\mysql.lua

Integration should be pretty self explanatory within that file.

I would be surprised if it was because of ‘large amounts’ of people.

The server seems to have a reasonable amount of people on, however SQL is built for mass data entry /retrieval with little impact. Now that’s not to say that the built in SQL will be able to stand business level data, but for what it’s being used for here, it’s a very small amount of data going in and out.

That said, I haven’t got a better solution xD

May it just be the shitton of addons?

I’d say the host your using has throttled hosting, so it gives you a certain amount of slots but you’re still throttled to a certain amount of CPU usage and RAM. I’d reccomend investing in a VPS if your server is getting as popular as it is. I’d also reccomend setting your tickrate to (66 I’m pretty sure it is correct me if i’m wrong). It’s probably also because you’re receiving large DDoS attacks.

This is probably your issue. The host you use advertises up to layer 7 DDoS protection so ask them to investigate for you and adjust their filter accordingly.

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You realize a VPS is still in a shared environment and can still be throttled on the host side right?

OpenVZ nodes tend to be oversold on every host. KVM would be a better option but the node is still shared. CPU resources are shared.

If you need a lot of CPU and want a guarantee on full access to the cores then you’ll need either a VDS or a dedicated server.


didn’t read the post correctly.

Yes I realize this but it really depends on the host. The host I’m with now doesn’t throttle at all.

The same argument can be said for a GSP. I seriously doubt his host is throttling him so why even bring it up?

update to latest github version of darkrp and latest stable release of ulx, this seems to have fixed my issues with the two