FAdmin + ULX, no longer working together?

I’m sorry if this has been asked a million times already, but I am having issues with mixing both FAdmin and ULX.

I think both are very useful for different things… but one can’t really place the other. My issue is that once I have set up all my FAdmin groups (which then add to ULib) and then make changes to the server or simply restart it, all my FAdmin groups are cleared and ULib ones stay in place.

The problem with this is… it seems FAdmin is forcing who is in what group. If I set sombody to a group using ULX, they will revert back after rejoin where-as they don’t when I set it through FAdmin. I have tried doing this the other way around and creating the group in ULX… but it’s a similar thing, it just doesn’t create the group in FAdmin.

Has anybody found any ways around this?

This doesn’t answer your question but why not use just ULX?
If you need the FAdmin command for dark rp then I can give you them, I need to make some for my sever anyways.