Fagpire Executed....

I had to make this…Twilight just sucked so much…


Good blood and posing on the soldier, but fagward’s pose seems unreal.

Sorry, I’ll try to fix that in my next pose, I usually don’t do this pose type, let’s just put the unnatural pose to him being too faggy for physics to handle?

Maybe hes just falling over due to being shot to shit by a high power machine gun?

why is there glitter on his face and hands?

He’s from Twilight, apparently in the books vampires sparkle like fairies in the sun…shudder

oh,no wonder why these vampires are “sparkling”…if you know what i mean
never saw the movie and i don’t intend to do it either

I suggest you do…only to make fun of the hilariously bad script and acting!

I saw the first and a bit of the second. I never forgive my self. Where is Blade when you need him I thought. Sparkling fag vampires. What the hell where they thinking.

And to make matters even worse


Oh…oh god…

Good idea, bad execution.

Good posing on the soldier, ‘‘nice’’ edit.

Meh, where can I get those Lost Planet models? ( I found some link to Garrysmod.org, but the file was removed ) I’d really need those…thanks :smiley:

Wish I knew man, I got them from that link when it still worked…

They damn well do.

I read the entire ‘Saga’… shit is torture. At first it’s boring, but that’s just a facade. After you get into the later shit…

Also, Mythology is not amused by Twilight. :hist101: