Fail Fortress 2: Mrs Roboto

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Made for sarcastic gamer community comics hence the header and footer.

I made a few wallpapers also if your interested just check out this post.
For fail fortress 2
and for pills here

C&C please

To see more look here

Not bad.

Hey you’re pretty.


I can see that painted on grinning face furiously beating/raping the Scout.

SO CAN I! And I enjoy the thought!

lol i can see it.

The only actually funny comic series here

Yeah. Good quality comedy comics are gone. Sadly, only thing’s left is Rambo’s reign of terror to take over that.

I lol’d at that initializing screen.

Yeah i was happy how that turned out.

Poor heavy :frowning:

That woman looks a bit iffy.

Yeah a bit lol

I lol’d at:

Operating System: Windows Vista
Chance of Crashing: 3000% hahaha xD


If you like that go check out duke nukem: mall cop