Fail Fortress: Behind the laughter.

Bit hesitant about putting this up here since everyone knows how to make gmod comics. Anyway i was asked by the sarcastic gamer comic boss if i could make a sorta brief making of thing so people can see what i do. Obviously you all know how gmod comics are made, but here it is anyway so you can hopefully enjoy it.

Right click. View image.

Rest of my comics are here on my deviant art.

Erm, Dont give it to George, he looks a bit flammable :v:

I lol’d. Nicely done.

Hilarious. :v:




Posing drunk people? That sounds like a new perspective in comic making…

You sir made my day, I want some more, something like showing their work, the comics they make, and all that kind of stuff. Keep it up.

I doubt al continue this this behind the laughter although never say never.
In the mean time check out Duke Nukem: mall cop