Failed experiments killing off their creators..

Been awhile since I’ve posted, my editing skills have rusted a little, but I guess this is good.

A very good job, nice job DoW!

Thanks…:smiley: I’m gonna make a pose with you in it :stuck_out_tongue: Been wanting to for awhile…

Also those Sci-fi models are like rubber.

Jesus…wtf are those guys?
Anyway, looks good. But I think it should be more violent. :smiley:

Yah, the violence level is low, but if I would’ve taken the a picture more to the right, it would show one of the monsters slamming a woman’s face into the wall repeatedly, but the angle sucked…

Not as good as your other stuffs been, but I suppose you’ve just came back :smiley:

Needs moar violence but its cool.
If it would be bigger id edit it.

Is that guy on the front right in fetal position? Haha I lol’ed when I saw him.

What effect you used? this looks really… different?
Blood needs work, it is too bright, and the body/legs/arms of the fetal position guy are clipping with each other.

Yeah this isn’t as good as some of my other stuff, but just got my comp upgraded so I’ll be trying to spit out more and more.

Santz the effect I used on the monsters is burn(3-2x), sponge 4x some spots, and clone stamp on the monster in the front. Clone stamp was used to make him have more muscle meat.

Yeah the fetal position guy is clipping, but try posing those models they wiggle if barely nudge…So annoying. Thanks for the comments.

Also I got rated box?