Failed Hostage Rescue Operation

The blood edit is really good.


You need to work on your posing abit, Try to come up with different camera angles as well.

Would look better with a decent camera angle. Otherwise it’s pretty okay.

How can i improve on the posing? People tell me that but i have no idea what is wrong with it

The better way to improve your posing is making something from references (photos, posters, movies etc).

Ah okay, I’ll try that.

It also helps to not use the default CSS ragdolls, there are ragdolls available on that are more flexible, thus better for posing.

that’s a lot of blood from a few dead guys

Gunfights are always bloody.

You often see 3 guys bleed a barrelful of blood from just a few bullet wounds that didn’t probably even penetrate?

nice pic bit too much blood lol

I like it, Posing is a little stiff :slight_smile:

I would provide pictures to show you otherwise, but this is a family friendly forum.

Use easier to pose models man.
You can find Alot of good models here…

Just download all 3 parts and put them into your addons folder.

You might also want this because there is alot of sexy gear with these models


My pleasure.